Fuel Saving Technology made in Germany

The fact that adding water to fuel dramatically reduces both fuel consumption and emissions from diesel engines has been scientifically proven and recognised for some time, and our patented FWE solution enables you to benefit from it.

Fuel reductions between 3 and 5% on average (with much bigger potential depending on the application), soot reductions of up to 90% and NOx reductions of up to 70% are possible with our FWE Systems.

With FWE, we offer a primary technology for the reduction of exhaust gas, which can be implemented and retrofitted on all diesel engines, regardless of whether they are prechamber/swirl chamber engines or unit injector/common rail direct injection engines. The emulsion is produced immediately before the injection pump; no intervention in the engine or the direct injection system is required.

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Usable Fuel-Types

Our “on-board emulsion” works for all liquid fuels that are used in combustion engines in accordance with the diesel engine principle, such as

  • diesel fuel
  • heating oil
  • vegetable oil
  • heavy fuel oil

Simple and dependable principle

The patented emulsion procedure distinguishes itself through the following function characteristics:

  • Highly efficient “on-board” emulsification of water and diesel fuel immediately before the injection pump
  • Consumption-dependant dosing: the water content in the diesel fuel is varied using an electronic control (0% - 25%) depending on the engine load.
  • Separate water and diesel fuel circuits, i.e. there is no mixing of the two media in their tanks.
  • There are no rotating or moving parts involved in producing the emulsion. It is almost free of wear and maintenance.
  • The technology can be retrofitted for all diesel engines: prechamber and swirl chamber engines, direct injection engines (unit injector, common rail).
  • No modifications to the engine or the injection system are required.

Many different areas of application

The possible areas of use of emulsion technology are highly diverse:

  • inland waterway vessels
  • combined heat and power units (CHP)
  • diesel generators
  • diesel railway vehicles
  • large land-based mobile machines
  • seagoing vessels

Thanks to the small space requirement and weight, emulsion technology can also be retrofitted in unfavourable conditions, such as on diesel locomotives whose axle/wheel loads have long been critical. It is also possible in inland waterway vessels, where the installation of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems is often very complex and therefore expensive due to limited space.

Highly reliable

Emulsion technology has proven itself over a period of over 10 years, sometimes under very challenging technical conditions:
Endurance runs in various diesel passenger cars (common rail and unit injector), including a BMW 530d that has covered a total of 260,000 km since 1999
CHP endurance run since 2000 with over 75,000 operating hours

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